Mikroanalytisches Labor Pascher

Since 1950 we are supporting companies and universities in analytical tasks. Our services reach from quantitative elemental analyses of known materials, through the identification of unknown or new synthesized substances, up to the structural elucidation of pure compounds or substance mixtures.


As specialist in the handling of smallest sample quantities we are providing analytical solutions for just a few milligrams of almost all solid or liquid substances. The spectrum of analysed matrices includes organic pharmaceuticals as well as inorganic materials from the ceramic industry. The handling of air-sensitive samples as well as investigations on volatile and hygroscopic substances are part of our daily routine.


In addition to our provided analytical- and consultancy-services our clients benefit from a network of several cooperation partners. The longstanding collaboration with specialized laboratories enables us, to combine the expertise and experience of various analytical fields and to provide solutions for complex tasks.


With our analytical services we are supporting companies, institutes and universities from different branches and industrial sectors worldwide. They rely on our expertise in the areas of quality management, production, research or development.